By 2020, American tanks "Abrams" will receive an active protection system

By 2020, the US Army plans to deploy in Europe a brigade of 80 Abrams M1 tanks, fully equipped with The Trophy active protection system. She is originally from Israel - a fully automated means of intercepting anything that the enemy can shoot at a tank. Its purpose is to destroy the object of the threat, and not to prevent the destruction of the tank.

Structurally, The Trophy is a combination of a radar sensor and an explosive device in one flat hinged panel. Sensors determine the fact of approaching threat, distance and flight trajectory, then a portion of large shot is fired towards it. A missile, tank shot, or other projectile will be destroyed in a collision. There is nothing fundamentally new, except for the use of such a system on the Abrams.

According to Colonel Glen Dean, the head of this project, he tried 48 times to destroy the experienced "Abrams" with new protection using standard means, but failed. The Trophy covers the car from all sides, including the upper hemisphere - with a special emphasis on countering aviation. And this system is "smart", since it does not just throw a shot along the vector, but chooses the point of destruction, minimizing damage to the tank and neighboring friendly forces.

The usefulness of the novelty can be measured in an alternative way: it is 800 kg of additional weight. Not too much for the Abrams M1, which currently weighs over 70 tonnes, and certainly less than a depleted uranium body kit. The cost of active protection will also not make a dent in the country's multibillion-dollar military budget, only $ 350, 000 for each tank. Therefore, it is possible that active armor will appear on the Stryker armored personnel carrier.