The first photos of the prototype of the Russian fighter T-50-9 (PAK-FA) appeared

The appearance of a new prototype of the 5th generation fighter is another confirmation that the work on its creation is close to completion. Apparently, we are talking about the finishing touches in the appearance of an almost finished combat vehicle.

For the first time, the T-50-9 took off from the airfield in Komsomolsk-on-Amur on April 24. One of the pictures shows that he was flying with outboard fuel tanks (PTB), which, according to experts, could only mean one thing: the plane was making a long flight from the Far East to the Moscow region to the Flight Research Institute. Gromova (Zhukovsky).

The use of PTBs during operation is unlikely, since they negate the fighter's stealth for enemy detection equipment. Perhaps the plane will be able to drop them before approaching the radar control zone of the alleged enemy.

Almost all the characteristics of the T-50-9 are strictly classified. It is only known that it will fully correspond to the class of fifth generation fighters. The unobtrusive, supersonic, extremely maneuverable and filled with modern high-tech electronics, the PAK-FA will begin to enter the troops next year, as has been repeatedly stated by representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense.