Russian engineers have developed an all-hearing sound-thermal "ear"

The full name of the unique complex, which will soon enter service with the Russian Army, is the Penicillin sound-thermal direction finder. His main "specialty" is to record the location of enemy artillery.

According to one of the creators of the complex, Valery Kamyshev, in order to accurately determine the place from which the artillery fire is being conducted, 4 sound receivers are installed on the ground according to a special scheme. The information received from them goes to the computer, where it is processed within a few seconds, turning into the exact coordinates of the target.

However, all these are trifles in comparison with the possibility of global application of "Penicillin". Located in different regions of the planet, he will be able to hear everything that is happening there, or rather what our military needs. For example, even the clap of a closed door will not go unheard, and, as Kamyshev assures, it will not be simple, but an addressable sound fixing indicating the exact coordinates of the door.