Israeli drone minitank armed with a Glock pistol

General Robotics has developed a small combat robot Dogo, which can climb stairs, overcome difficult terrain and, most importantly, accurately "perform" assigned tasks with better accuracy than humans.

The robot is remotely controlled and equipped with eight cameras providing all-round visibility. To destroy the enemy, he was armed with a Glock 26 pistol with a magazine for 14 rounds. The weapon is located inside the drone in a locked case.

The Dogo weighs only 12kg and carries enough batteries for missions up to 5 hours. In addition to military weapons, it also has a non-lethal one in the form of a can of pepper gas with a range of 5-10 meters.

The operator controls the actions of Dogo from the remote control using the joystick. He advances to his goal, capturing it before this in the crosshairs on the interface screen. Approaching her at the optimal distance, he opens fire to kill. So far, the operators have managed to achieve a rate of fire of 5 rounds in 2 seconds. The drone can equally successfully fire at targets both at "its level" and much higher.

Aiming is carried out using the Ranger remote control

The robot was developed for the needs of special forces performing a variety of missions, including in urban environments. Its compact size makes it easy to carry. Simultaneous use of two robots provides increased efficiency.