US Army patented self-destruct bullets

The list of non-lethal ammunition has been replenished with one more name - a self-destructing bullet, which was developed by the specialists of the US Army. This ammunition has a limited detonation range based on built-in pyrotechnic technology.

Shortly after the shot, a premature detonation of the bullet occurs, which completely neutralizes it. This allows you to limit the range of the shot and prevent accidental victims.

The pyrotechnic composition ignites after a predetermined period of time and ignites the powder charge, as a result of which the bullet turns into an "aerodynamically unstable object". First, the technology will be tested on 50 caliber ammunition, but then its scope will be extended to other ammunition.

Researcher Stephen McFarlane described the new development as follows:

“Our biggest achievement has been reducing the risk of collateral damage. In urban conditions, as a result of the use of firearms, there is always the possibility of accidental victims, especially with a 50 caliber weapon with a long range.

There are other ideas to reduce the likelihood of unexpected casualties. One such device, called the Alternative, is a metal ball at the end of the barrel that intercepts the bullet the moment it is fired, minimizing its potential for death, like an airbag.