New missiles for the Buk-M3 complex: the Magnificent Six

In the family of anti-aircraft missile systems - another replenishment. General Alexander Leonov, head of the Air Defense Forces of the Ground Forces, has just presented a novelty - a missile for the modern mobile complex Buk-M3.

According to Leonov, the complex will surpass all its predecessors in terms of technical components, firepower and reliability. The main striking element is the anti-aircraft missile has become smaller, more elegant, but at the same time, it will hit targets much more accurately and at a greater distance.

The developers of the complex packed the missiles in containers and increased their number by 2 products in comparison with the previous modifications. Now the potential air enemy has practically no chance of success against this "magnificent six". The six-channel version increases the fire efficiency by one and a half times.

It is expected that the new complex will join the ranks of the military air defense in the next years.