The Russian Air Force will receive a new missile and bomb weapon

The Tactical Missile Armament Corporation demonstrated at the MAKS-2015 air show samples of a new high-precision missile and bomb weapon developed on the basis of the Kh-38 air-to-surface missile.

We are talking about products under the code names "Thunder-1" and "Thunder-2". It is worth recalling that the Kh-38 is a modern high-precision airborne guided missile that destroys any surface and ground targets at a distance of 3 to 40 km. The launch mass of the rocket is more than 500 kg, of which half is in the warhead.

The X-38 was created on a modular basis, that is, depending on the mission being performed, it can change its combat equipment and the method of targeting. "Thunder-1" is a missile with an inertial guidance system, and its "sister" - "Thunder-2" - a guided bomb gliding at a target, which has an additional 130-kilogram warhead instead of an engine.

Guided bomb Thunder-2

The Kh-38 and its "family" in the future should replace all the current short-range aviation missiles of the previous generation in service.