In the United States began testing a complex to combat drones

With the rapid development of attack UAVs, the appearance of means to combat them is only a matter of time. Currently, representatives of the US Army have begun testing a complex specifically designed to destroy enemy UAVs.

The main striking element of the complex is a "smart" missile equipped with a sophisticated radar control system. It will be fired from the Orbital ATK Bushmaster III 50mm cannon. The creation of the complex is a kind of American response to the development of unmanned strike vehicles in many countries of the world, among which there are potential enemies of the United States.

According to one of the developers of the complex, Manfredi Luciano, the Bushmaster system has many advantages, in addition, specialists from Denmark and the Netherlands are ready to offer their CV-90 armored vehicle, where a 35-mm version of this gun is already installed.

The missile's range is just over a mile. The target is locked using the radar on the ground, after which the gun is deployed in the desired direction. After launch, control is transferred to the on-board computer in accordance with the changing air situation. In the future, military specialists on the basis of this complex propose to create systems to combat missiles, artillery and mortar ammunition.