New Russian deep-sea torpedo named "Physicist"

Russian warships are actively being equipped with new modern weapons systems. The name of one of the latest novelties is the Fizik deep-sea homing torpedo. In the near future, the main strategic submarines will be equipped with it. The decision was made by the command of the Navy at the end of last year after the completion of state tests.

The Physicist will replace its predecessor, USET-80, which has served faithfully for nearly 40 years. Work on the creation of the UGST product - a universal deep-sea homing torpedo began back in 1986 at the Morteplotekhnika Research Institute (Leningrad).

Compared to USET-80 "Physicist" strikes sea targets almost three times further at a distance of up to fifty kilometers. It is a 533-mm product with a 300-kilogram warhead. It has two complementary guidance systems - acoustic, which, if necessary, can be replaced by telecontrol directly from the submarine.