Mark Gold intends to send flat-earth fans into space

The year is 2021, and the world is full of people who firmly believe that the Earth is actually flat, and all attempts by scientists to convince humanity of its sphericity are a global conspiracy.

To once and for all break the ridiculous fantasies of the supporters of the flat earth theory, Mark Gold from Scotland announced a large crowdfunding campaign. Its goal is to send one of the prominent "flat-earthers" into space. The campaign's manifesto, which is posted on the GoFundMe website, says that all the money raised will go towards buying a ticket for "some well-known flat-earth preacher" that will allow him to fly into orbit in person.

Mark Gold

Gold says he has already contacted SpaceX representatives Elon Musk and Virgin Galactic Richard Branson to enlist their support for his project. However, I have not yet received a response from any of the companies. However, Gold is not discouraged and firmly declares that he is "one hundred percent serious in his intentions."

Curiously, this is not the first flat-earthen-related project to attract widespread attention. Last year, a proponent of this theory, Mike Hughes, assembled a homemade rocket on which he was going to rise above the surface of the Earth and prove to everyone that our planet is actually flat. The grief-inventor, as expected, crashed during the launch, giving flat-earth fans the opportunity to continue to argue that there is still no solid evidence of the sphericity of our planet.