Man-made hill project will allow you to see London from an unusual perspective

The pandemic and lockdowns drove people out of previously busy tourist centers, but the Westminster City Council in London has figured out how to get them back. The authorities have ordered from MVRDV a project for the Hill at the Marble Arch to be built near the original Marble Arch. The name fully reflects the essence - it is a man-made hollow hill 25 m high, which symbolizes the past of the city, but at the same time allows you to look into its future.

Historically, the Marble Arch was part of Hyde Park; an architectural structure crowned one of its corners and served as the main entrance to the park. But in the 1960s, London began to rebuild according to new rules - in particular, many roads appeared here. The arch was separated by them from the park, taken out to a safety island, and instead of green spaces, everything around was rolled up in asphalt and concrete.

The idea of ​​the new project is to show tourists how it was before, therefore the impressive structure was conceived in the form of a hill towering over the surrounding buildings. Its slopes will be planted with real trees and bushes, but in separate boxes, so that, after dismantling, they will be transplanted into a real park. An antique-style staircase with wooden steps leads to the top with an observation deck.

Since technically the "hill" is just a construction made of scaffolding, no more than 25 people can walk on it at a time. Tours will be conducted both outside and inside, which will house an exhibition hall with examples of contemporary art. The opening of the monument hill in London is scheduled for mid-summer this year.