How to copy and paste data between different Apple devices

Today, many people use several gadgets at once, which invariably involves sending various messages and files from one to another. How to make it as simple as possible between devices of the Apple family - for example, transfer data between iPhone and Mac?

One way is to send an email or use a cloud-sync note taking app like Evernote. However, all Apple devices have a special native feature that allows you to copy and paste data between them.

How it works. First, you need to make sure that both devices are signed into the same iCloud account, and also turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. After that, you need to enable Handoff, for this you need to go to the Settings section. Next, select General and go to the AirPlay and Handoff section.

If you need to start copying and pasting on MacOS, you should also go to "System Preferences" on this device, and already on it, click "General", and tick the box next to "Allow Handoff between these Macs and your iCloud devices."

After completing the specified operations, the user will be able to copy and paste files between Apple devices at any time. In addition to texts, this also applies to images and videos.