US enthusiast assembled a crypto farm in the trunk of a BMW to "infuriate gamers"

A certain Simon Byrne, a crypto enthusiast from the United States, made a move that can be regarded as a guaranteed way to unbalance the representatives of the PC gaming community. Simon took the idea of ​​mobile mining to the next level by installing a complete Bitcoin mining system in the trunk of his hybrid BMW i8.

The system includes six Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics cards - the internal battery of the BMW i8 is more than enough to power such a mini-crypto farm. But if you approach the issue from a purely practical point of view, such a system is not particularly effective. Six powerful RTX 3080 graphics cards generate a tremendous amount of heat, so the trunk of the car must be kept open at all times to keep the system from overheating. Traveling during the warmer summer months is also likely to be a challenge.

Also, one cannot ignore the very serious risk that such an expensive installation will simply be stolen. The Nvidia RTX 3080 came out quite recently and is still experiencing buzz from gamers. At the same time, the official price for these cards starts at $ 700, but it is difficult to find them on sale for less than $ 1200 apiece. Top-of-the-line cards of this tier are the coveted thing for many PC gamers.

Byrne himself honestly admits that he started this whole escapade just "to just infuriate gamers."