Lego launches Vidiyo video service to let kids create their own clips in AR

Lego and Universal Music Group (UMG) team up to create a new entertainment set and social video service at the same time - Vidiyo. It will be aimed at children 7-10 years old, who can use it to create their own music videos.

Children will have at their disposal many figures and blocks that, when scanned in the application, will begin to sing and dance, "animated" by the power of augmented reality. Future video creators will be able to choose locations for performances and even dance with their characters if they wish.

Music scores can be selected from a list of UMG pop artists, which gives you access to one-minute samples. Children will be able to use and edit them to their liking. At the same time, this process is quite simple: children scan their favorite character and begin to control him in augmented reality, while simultaneously participating in their own production.

In addition, scenes can be supplemented with BeatBits - square tiles that trigger special effects when scanned, such as confetti explosions.

Clips can be trimmed in 5-20 seconds and uploaded to the social feed of the Vidiyo app for everyone to access. Lego said that clips will be moderated prior to publication, and all videos that show a child's face, contain identifying information or anything inappropriate will be blocked. The first Vidiyo kits will be available worldwide on March 1st.