Canadian inventor develops super speed skating backpack

24-year-old Ottawa resident Brydon Gibson has created a "jetpack" with which he now skates at speeds of up to 40 km / h. He was inspired by the experience of his predecessors - the creators of remotely controlled aircraft and boats.

However, “reactive” is a bit loud. It is just a matter of driving due to the operation of the engine with a propeller weighing about 6 kg (which was previously installed on the trimmer mower). True, mastering the skills of skating with a propeller behind his shoulders almost cost Gibson a finger. However, now, having mastered the skiing technique, in the midst of a pandemic, he enjoys spending time on the nearest frozen lake.

The ambitious inventor plans to equip the satchel with a more powerful engine and, accordingly, attach a larger propeller to it. “More propeller, more thrust, more speed, more fun - that's my life now, ” Gibson admitted in a recent interview with CBC.