Google artificial intelligence will turn funny doodles into ferocious monsters

Google engineers decided to prove that artificial intelligence can have a creative streak, and created a program that turns strange doodles into terrifying monsters. The tool is called Chimera Painter and creates detailed drawings of monsters based on user sketches.

The developers set a task to create a series of illustrations for a card game in the fantasy genre with the help of this program. Players will need to draw their chimera - for this they will have to combine the traits and features of different creatures and fight rivals using strength indicators, as in Pokémon. AI training took place on more than 10 thousand 3D models of monsters, rendered in the Unreal Engine. Each monster in the process of creation goes through "segmentation" - this is a condition that divides the "bodies" of creatures into familiar perception of the anatomical parts, such as muzzles, legs, claws, etc.

When starting Chimera Painter, for example, several ready-made monsters are automatically loaded. However, although it seems straightforward, drawing a chimera is not such an easy task and requires at least minimal talent and understanding of proportions from the artist. Without proper skills, even with a neural network, a fantastic creature will remain just a semblance of a lump of dirt.

The Chimera Painter team presents their creation "not as a tool, but as an assistant." So far, this is just a prototype, but in the future, such programs can significantly reduce the time to create real masterpieces.