A homemade cannon will put on a mask on any regime violator from afar

Given the number of infections and deaths from COVID-19, it is very disturbing and sad to see a huge number of people on the streets who ignore any request to wear masks. And this despite the fact that personal protective equipment has been proven to slow the spread of infection. With this in mind, YouTuber Allen Peng decided to take matters into his own hands and developed a launcher that puts masks on people's faces with well-aimed shots from afar.

Peng used a solenoid valve, an 800 PSI 2 CO cylinder, a spray gun grip, and small magnet projectiles to create the Mask Gun. It works like a mesh catapult (which is used, for example, for catching drones) - it shoots the mask in the face of the target and wraps the ties around the head so that it does not fall.

After a series of experiments, Peng made sure that his mask gun worked more or less reliably and did not injure anyone. And while the very idea of ​​rewarding all "anti-maskers" with protective equipment may seem attractive, shooting people in the face with anything is a very bad idea.