Gladys artist transforms boring stock charts into amazing works of art

S & P500 chart

The artist, who calls herself Gladys, takes regular stock charts and turns them into true works of minimalist art. The whole process is done by hand, Gladys draws the pictures using the Pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. She calls her project Stoxart.

Gladys not only paints landscapes of world markets, but also fills them with Easter eggs. For example, a picture with a chart of Tesla shares - a figurine of little Elon Musk is hidden in one of the buildings, and the trees are shaped like a company logo.

Tesla chart

Purple Innovation Inc chart

Gladys talks about his plans: “More often than others, I am asked to draw pictures about Tesla, Microsoft, the S & P500 index and bitcoin. I also think about the prospects of combining two rivals in one image - for example, AMD and Intel. I guess I have enough content for the year ahead. "

Exxon Mobil chart

Stoxart limited edition prints can be purchased online, and the artist also accepts applications for individual works (which can also be downloaded digitally). The Gladys and Stoxart pages are on Instagram.

Apple Chart