A step away from the Formula 1 track, the luxurious Escapade Silverstone residential complex will be built

At the end of this year, in the immediate vicinity of the famous British race track Silverstone, construction of residential residences will begin for those who like to spend the weekend. By analogy with a beach holiday, the facilities are located on the "first line", literally a few meters from the track fence. You can watch the races right from the living room window or from the terrace.

The project is officially named "Escapade Silverstone" and was designed by Twelve Architects. As the architects explain, they were inspired by the "slipstream" technique, when the cars go clearly one after another, with a minimum distance to minimize air drag. The buildings seem to "float" over each other, but at the same time the territory is clearly demarcated and measures have been taken to preserve the privacy of the private life of visitors.

It is planned to erect 60 buildings, some in the forest zone, the rest in villages and among the hills, where the view of the area is much better. All houses have extensive glazing and a lot of free space. It is not yet clear how the sound insulation issue will be resolved. Still, it's about watching the races, the high speeds and the roar of the world's most powerful motors.

It is assumed that most of the residences will be rented out for those wishing to spend the weekend. Or for those who like to ride - in between races, Escapade Silverstone customers will have the opportunity to drive around the professional race track in their own or rented cars. The complex is expected to open in 2022.