What happens if you throw a small car on a giant ax

The team of the Australian YouTube channel "How Ridiculous" decided to put on a small show and showcasingly crashed a small car ... on a huge ax

In the Australian city of Perth, the Center for Gravity Research is located, which in the neighboring town of Gingin has its own research facility - a tower 45 m high.It has a special inclined shape and crane equipment that allows you to lift and drop any objects down with a high specified landing accuracy. When scientists are not conducting their experiments, the tower is rented out to everyone, which was used by the authors of the How Ridiculous channel.

A steel ax weighing several tons and with a blade length of more than a meter was made especially for the show. The goal is to throw various objects at him from a height and see what happens. To their surprise, the experimenters found that small objects, such as soda cans, tend to bounce off and not get damaged, even if they hit directly on the ax blade. Well, a relatively large car was waiting for a naturally different, but very spectacular fate.