Enthusiasts line up to buy the world's slowest laptop

On the crowdfunding platform Crowdsupply, more than a hundred users have already raised $ 125, 000 for the MNT Reform laptop project, while only $ 115, 000 was requested and more than a month until the end of fundraising. Computer enthusiasts are literally lining up for a new laptop, although it will hardly reach the level of even budget assemblies. What is the reason for this interest?

In the basic configuration, the MNT Reform has only 4 GB of RAM, an ARM Cortex A53 processor (analogous to the Raspberry Pi 3), a 12.5-inch Full HD display, heels of USB ports and an Ethernet network connector. A 1 TB hard drive, as well as a Wi-Fi module, must be paid for separately. But the laptop comes pre-installed with Debian GNU / Linux 11 on an SD card.

For all this "splendor" it is proposed to pay $ 1500, but this is for a complete assembly. For $ 1300 you can buy a set of processor + memory + OS, and for $ 999 you can even get a set of boards that the user is free to assemble himself. This is the essence of the novelty, its main advantage - for 18 months the German company MNT Research GmbH has created the most simple, versatile laptop that fully complies with the ideology of open source.

It is not subject to any restrictions on hardware upgrades, software installation, and use other than applicable law. And this is the only laptop that fully complies with the Open Source Hardware Association standard. It is logical that in its basic form it is not very useful, but enthusiasts get their hands on an interesting legal platform for any extensions and upgrades.