5 ways to make an effective DIY air conditioner

Summer is rapidly gaining momentum and brings with it permanent heat. If you do not have an air conditioner (and, by the way, it eats up a lot of electricity), and you have no desire to endure the summer heat stoically, try making your own air cooler. The principles of their creation are universal, and the necessary materials, most likely, already exist in your home.

Milk box conditioner

This video provides instructions and a complete list of parts that will be needed for the project.

Copper tube air conditioner

A more advanced design that uses a small electric circulator pump for aquariums. In this case, he drives water through a copper tube, where it effectively releases the stored heat.

Small desktop cooler

This small cooler consists of a plastic case, a 9-volt battery, and a computer fan. It blows out air in all directions, but it can be modified so that air only flows in one direction.

Foam conditioner

Styrofoam is great for making a cooler because it has good thermal insulation properties and is easy to cut (and costs almost nothing). This video shows how much air can be cooled with it.

Air conditioner from fan

You will need a fan and two plastic bottles. Cut off the bottoms of the bottles and make several punctures in the walls. Then tape them to the back of the fan and fill with ice cubes. Simple and effective.