SQ3D 3D printer prints residential building in 12 hours

The American company S-Squared 3D Printers has held a public test of its SQ3D construction 3D printer. And she printed a functional building in the form of a conditional residential building, spending only 12 hours on it. The building served to work out some technical subtleties and will be demolished, but the next house is promised to be built immediately overhauled.

The SQ3D printer belongs to the category of Cartesian machines and works in the same way as most of such devices - applying the cement mixture layer by layer according to a given plan. However, this machine contains several patented solutions to speed up the process. For example, a rotating nozzle with a rectangular outlet, for better control over the parameters of the extruded stream of material.

The printing of the building was carried out in several stages, since the plan for its construction includes the installation of window and door openings right during the printing process. The device raises the walls to a certain level, leaves special grooves in the structure and stops. The workers bring and assemble the prepared elements, which takes no more than a few minutes. Then the printer starts printing again and tightly wards the fasteners inside the walls.

SQ3D says that they have already developed a universal project, which provides for similar technological niches, grooves and holes for the installation of any equipment - electricity, sewage, lighting, ventilation, etc. Already at the stage of erecting the walls, most of the work will be completed and the installers will not have to drill holes for communications, which should reduce the cost of the entire project of creating a house. In the future, the company expects to take on the development of large format printed buildings, including barns, hangars, gyms, etc.