G7 Pod inflatable berth ledge will not burden climbers with excess weight

For those who are serious about mountaineering, every extra gram in a backpack counts. This, almost primarily, refers to hanging tents, in addition to which you also need carabiners, ropes, seat belts, metal frames and much more, without which it is impossible to fix them on the mountain slopes. According to the most conservative estimates, the weight of equipment for spending the night and rest weighs from 6 to 10 kg.

A Grade VII Canadian gear company has developed the G7 Pod, which is essentially an inflatable, insulated sleeping mat. It is attached to the sheer cliff with six adjustable straps placed along the edges for stability. There are also options for combining two G7s side by side and in two tiers.

The G7 measures 75 x 213 cm. It is made of high-strength 235D nylon and is inflated with the included inflation bag, which doubles as a pillow. In the stowed position, the G7 fits into an inflatable bag measuring 40 x 20 x 15 cm. The total weight of the kit is 1.5 kg.

The G7 Pod is already available on Kickstarter for $ 415. Additionally, it is proposed to purchase protection against strong winds. In this case, the price of the "sleeping bag" will increase to $ 657, and its weight will increase by 900 grams. Sales are scheduled to start in August.