Russian craftsmen converted Bentley Continental into a light tank

An unusual idea - to convert a used Bentley Continental into a tank - was implemented by a group of Russian craftsmen led by video blogger Konstantin Zarutsky, after which they posted the results of their work on the AcademeG YouTube channel.

The new vehicle was named "Ultratank". Its creators have developed a custom frame and rear axle that drives the tracks. The heart of the car is a V-8 bi-turbo engine with a torque converter.

It was important for the authors of the project to see how their brainchild would behave in motion, in particular when cornering. On the first attempt, the caterpillar flew off. After making some changes, the problem was resolved. Turning is carried out not as usual in cars - by turning the steering wheel, but by braking one of the tracks using a differential, like in vehicles on a tracked chassis.

However, a full picture of what the Ultratank is can only be obtained from a video clip on YouTube.