An unknown millionaire is willing to pay $ 60,000 to create a real "Battle Royale"

Hush Hush, an Internet portal for wealthy people, has posted an announcement seeking an organizer for a Battle Royale competition. For those who are not familiar with such computer games as PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends - this is the name of the all-against-all battle mode, when the maximum possible number of participants are released into the arena. Now someone rich and ambitious wanted to bring the concept to real life.

Applicants are required to be able to organize a complex event in a new location, in this case, a private island. The arena for battles must involve at least 100 participants, plus you need to take care of the placement of spectators. Technical issues, food, accommodation, etc., have already been resolved - a full-fledged camp will be organized on the island. It is necessary to organize the work of the "new Colosseum", and it is necessary to support the "royal battle" format.

Of course, no one will kill anyone in the literal sense. The weapon is pneumatic, they will shoot with plastic balls, and the combatants will be put on sensory armor that reacts to hits. In fact, we are talking about the next airsoft tournament, but it will be held according to the rules of the arena owner and to please his wishes. The announcement states that this person is a big fan of "battle royale" and wants to see the same action in reality. But without sacrifice and in compliance with safety rules.

It is assumed that the battles will take place over three days, 12 hours a day, with almost complete freedom of action on the part of the fighters. The survivor, and this will be only one person, will leave the arena with a prize equivalent to $ 130, 000. The organizer of the fights will receive at least $ 59, 000 for his efforts, and he will have to work only six weeks - these are the conditions of the mysterious customer.