How to make your eyes glow in the dark

In the last century, cosplayers made fabric costumes and experimented with makeup, and today they are mastering high technologies with might and main. Highlighting the details of the outfit, adding shining elements, letting on the "lightning" and "devil lights" became the norm. However, cosplayer geek Kyle, nicknamed Kyle of Asgard, went further and made his own eyes shine with an unearthly light.

Kyle admits that he is not the author of the idea, he was inspired by the work of the instagrammer "missxboof". However, he redesigned the entire circuit and created a compact, clever version of the accessory. It is based on contact lenses with a glow effect in ultraviolet light, which reflect it and partially scatter it. The lenses themselves are passive, but they need a light source that is assembled from a set of special LEDs. To secure them, Kyle made a helmet that resembles Thor's battle helmet.

And LEDs, and batteries for them, and other electronics are hidden under the helmet and are not visible from the outside. The angle of incidence of light on the lenses is chosen so that the effect of the glow of the entire eye socket is created - if you turn on the system in semi-darkness, it makes a very strong impression. The activator is placed on the remote control and allows you to make Kyle's eyes glow with a ghostly light, imperceptibly and unexpectedly for the interlocutor. The greatest effect is achieved if you use an assistant who turns on the device from afar, and the audience wonders whether they imagine what is happening or not.