Travels of the "mysterious monolith" continue - now it has appeared in California

Either the rally dragged on, or hypothetical aliens are testing us, earthlings, for attentiveness, but the epic with a strange metal pillar continues. Initially appearing in the American state of Utah, he then moved to the Romanian Neamt, from where he also disappeared to reappear in America, in California. The find was reported by Atascadero News.

The new location of the obelisk of metal: the summit of Pine Mountain, near the town of Atascadero. It is central California, just off the coast, and is a popular hiking destination. An interesting detail - this peak has long been chosen by cyclists, so there was a version that this time the mystical prism was brought by bike. This is indicated by the fact that the authors of the venture did not bother digging a hole, they did not bring heavy equipment - the pole simply stands on the ground and is not very stable at the same time.

The height of this object is 3 m, the width of the edges is 45 cm, the characteristic triangular shape is observed. And this is definitely the work of human hands, the panels are attached with simple rivets to the steel frame inside. On the other hand, Robert Sheckley, back in 1953, in his "Fishing Season", proposed the idea that strange objects are bait from unknown forces that kidnap people. A professional fisherman knows that a fish will not distinguish an artificial fly from a real one, and will bite at it. And also, if there is no bite, the fisherman throws the fishing rod to another place, away from the previous one. Looks pretty much like a steel monolith adventure.