Trenux bike trailer folds for urban maneuvers

Using a classic bike trailer is almost always a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the carrying capacity increases sharply, plus you can transport bulky items. On the other hand, an empty trailer is still a hindrance, especially in dense city traffic. The German startup Trenux has offered its own solution to this issue.

The idea is simple: the trailer is foldable. It has a lightweight metal frame that attaches to a central beam and folds or unfolds around it like a book. The trailer wheels are small enough to hang over the sides of the rear seat when folded and not interfere with the bike's mechanisms. But also large enough so that the terrain does not become a hindrance. The whole structure weighs about 5 kg.

Its authors call the main advantage of Trenux the difference between transport and working condition. In the first, you simply carry with you an easy burden, in the second, you get a platform on which 40 kg of cargo can be easily transported. Spacious enough to hold two crates of beer, a suitcase, or a box of fruit. The dimensions of the trailer are 62x42 cm, it is designed for the transportation of typical urban purchases in a tight space for maneuver.

The main idea is to give “bicycle Europe” the opportunity to carry with them a solution for the realization of spontaneous “wishes”. Go to work in the morning light, and on the way back, be tempted by a discount and buy a box of cookies or pick up a large package from the Internet store. Everyone liked the concept so much that at EuroBike 2018 the Trenux trailer was awarded the “Good Start” award. Fundraising for the construction of a commercial version and its release are scheduled for 2019.