University of Texas students develop a unique six-string violin

University of Texas student Sean Riley urgently needed a violin, and not an ordinary 4-string, but a 6-string, since the piece written by John Adams, which he was supposed to perform, was written specifically for a six-string violin. However, in search of a tool, he did not go to the nearest store and did not use the Internet services, but decided to develop it himself using 3D printing technology.

Riley is a violinist. He holds a Master's degree from the Juilliard School and is also a Ph.D. in Musicology from the University of Texas. He is also the owner of a unique antique violin of the 18th century. Six-stringed violins are very rare and therefore cost much more than ordinary ones. For example, the Wood Violins Viper model costs $ 4, 500.

Sean Riley didn't want to be confined to traditional violin design. He decided to make an electronic violin, inviting mechanic Daniel Goodwin and designer Rebecca Milton from the university's training center to be his assistants.

The result is an unusual instrument with tuning pegs located at the chin and electronically actuated on the neck. The design is complemented by porcelain details by Rebecca Milton. In Riley's opinion, what came out met all his expectations: the sound of the violin is "rich and full of nuances", as can be judged from this video.