The inventor has 3D printed an exact copy of the Subaru engine

The talented inventor Eric Harrell posted a video on YouTube of how he was able to 3D print a miniature model of a Subaru EJ20 boxer engine at home on a 3D printer. Of course, this is not a working internal combustion engine, but the model is fully functional and beautifully made.

However, this is not the only achievement of Eric Harrell. He has a 3D copy of the transmission of one of the Toyota models of the mid-80s, the four-cylinder 22R-E engine, gearbox and transfer case.

It would be wrong to think of Harrell's "homemade" as just fun toys. With their help, future motorists will be able to study the engine in student classrooms, rather than at full-size stands.

In addition to the replica EJ20, the inventor plans to print a gearbox, an LS1 V8 engine model and a mini-version of the famous Porsche 550 Spyder sports car in the 50s.