Designer Christie Wolff builds a hobbit house

For almost a year now, designer, fashion designer and small house expert Christie Wolf has been building her own "Shire County", consisting of three self-contained houses - an almost exact replica of the hobbits' dwelling, created by the fantasy of John Tolkien, author of the world famous novels The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. ...

The cabins are located on a 2.2 hectare plot in the vicinity of Lake Chelan, Washington. As in the book, they are “built” into the mountainside and are almost invisible to passers-by. To enter the house through a round wooden door made from a fragment of a cable reel, the visitor will have to go through a small garden, bypassing the gate.

The area of ​​the premises is 26, 7 sq. meters. It has a bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom. The interior design is reminiscent of a hobbit carpenter's lodge, as evidenced by the wooden floors, lighting, workbench and woodworking tools.

The hobbits' houses are completely autonomous. They get their electricity from three 100-watt solar panels, an inverter and 6-volt batteries. The water in the dwelling comes from a nearby water tower, and the sewer is discharged into a septic tank. The water from the shower, sink and bathtub is filtered and then used to water the lawn. A gas fireplace is installed in the living room for heating.

As Christina assures, the houses, taking into account their location in the mountainside, are made with a large margin of safety. They have reliable sound insulation, waterproofing and drainage. But most importantly, they are very comfortable. Starting in March 2016, the hobbit houses will begin to be rented out.