An amateur designer from England creates another railgun

Powerful science fiction weapon systems are haunting enthusiastic inventors these days. One of them, British amateur designer Ziggy Z, has created a mobile railgun weighing over 113 kg, powered by a powerful capacitor bank located at the rear of the car.

In the UK, a weapon is considered a firearm if it has a firing force of more than 8 joules. The power of the Ziggy Lee railgun is staggering at 27, 000 joules. To create a "firing" discharge, Ziggy used 56 6000 microfarad capacitors, which are charged from a 400-volt car battery.

When the trigger is pressed, an aluminum projectile is ejected by a stream of compressed carbon dioxide at a speed of more than 80 km / h onto copper rails. On contact with them, aluminum begins to melt, providing easier sliding to the striking element. In turn, the electric current flowing through the rails forms a powerful pulse that throws the projectile forward.