The inventor created a hand-held railgun

Electromagnetic weapons are still shrouded in a halo of fantasy, although work on their creation in some countries is in full swing. A typical example is the railgun for the US Navy, which is undergoing testing. But, what is most interesting, amateurs took up this business and, we must give them their due, they achieved considerable success.

Recently, a YouTube video appeared by user xtamared, in which he presented his invention - an electromagnetic gun, dubbed the WXPR-1. By the way, this is not the first such experience, but the WXPR-1 is rightfully considered one of the largest products of this kind.

The railgun is quite weighty - over 9 kg. The force of the flying bullet is 950 joules, which is still only enough to pierce and knock over a melon, pierce an empty beer can and break a glass bottle from a distance of several meters. However, the WXPR-1 can no longer cope with the plywood shield, although the bullet speed reaches 900 km / h.

Those who nevertheless decide to create a railgun, according to experts, should be extremely careful, strictly follow safety measures and wear special goggles.