The fastest hut in the world is capable of driving at a speed of 150 km / h

UK legislation allows almost any vehicle to obtain an official license plate. These can be racing cars that are not allowed on the roads in any other country in the world, unusual electric cars or high-speed sofas. Now the fastest hut in the world has been added to this list.

Kevin Nix, together with his daughter, gathered it at home. He started with a Volkswagen Passat with a 2.8-liter, 200-hp six-cylinder engine, welded on to the steel frame of a new hut and lined with wood. However, since this midsize sedan now weighed over two tons, Nyx added a nitro booster that runs on nitrous oxide. This added an additional 75 horsepower to the barn's racing potential.

Now the super-speed hut is capable of accelerating to 150 km / h, it is officially approved for use on the roads, it can turn, move in reverse and at the same time fulfill its main function - to be an ordinary house on wheels. Due to its small size, you can safely travel on it and park on any patch. At the same time, its maximum speed is limited, in fact, only by high mass and disgusting aerodynamics.