CES 2016: Chinese unveiled Ehang 184 taxi drone

At the CES 2016, the annual international consumer electronics exhibition in Las Vegas, China unveiled the Ehang 184 passenger drone quadrocopter taxi.

Ehang spokesman George Yang assured that in order to travel on a smart drone, a passenger only needs to enter the destination in the corresponding mobile application and sit in a chair. Telling reporters about the purpose of creating the aircraft, he frankly admitted:

“I think that each of us has a child who wants to fly. But personally, I do not want to spend many hours training to obtain a license to operate an aircraft. I want to fly right now. Together with my colleagues, we are making this dream a reality. "

The Ehang 184 has been in development for two and a half years. It is designed primarily for short-distance travel - about 16 km at a speed of 100 km / h. He does not need runways, since he takes off and lands vertically on any site.

The launch date for the series has not yet been determined. John Yang expects this to happen in a few months. For this, a command center with 300 personnel will be established in China.