Singapore students build Snowstorm, an electric flying machine

Snow for sunny Singapore is an absolute exotic that the inhabitants of this metropolis can feel, unless they visit a special closed Snow City. Perhaps the impressions received during his visit prompted engineering students at the local National University to create an original aircraft, which they called the Snowstorm ("Blizzard").

Indeed, the sound of 24 electric motors running is somewhat reminiscent of the familiar howling of a blizzard. From the technical characteristics of the experimental model, it is known that the machine is capable of lifting a weight of about 70 kg and staying in the air for about 5 minutes. The panel to which the motors are mounted is in the shape of a hexagon.

One of the creators of Snowstorm, 3rd year engineering student Sean Sim, shared his impressions of the work done:

“Designing and building Snowstorm was a great school for us. The most difficult task was to provide the necessary thrust to lift a person into the air. At each stage, we had to balance and find compromises between the types of materials, their weight and characteristics. We even took advantage of 3D printing to print the chassis mounts to ensure optimal fit. "