SpaceLiner - Hypersonic Passenger Aircraft Concept

Researchers at the Institute for Space Systems in Bremen (Germany) have developed the concept of a space civil aircraft SpaceLiner, which can travel at hypersonic speeds.

According to the developers' calculations, it will be able to reach speeds up to Mach 25. This means that it will be possible to fly from London to Melbourne in just an hour and a half. It is supposed to achieve this speed in two stages using an autonomous rocket with 11 engines, of which 9 are used for launching and acceleration in the mesosphere, and two directly for the flight.

After launching into a given orbit, the passenger module is separated from the booster stage and continues to fly in the "airplane" mode, but already with a completely space speed - about 30, 000 km / h. The SpaceLiner descent starts at an altitude of 80 km, gliding towards the arrival point.

The concept meets the highest environmental standards as liquid oxygen and hydrogen are used as fuel. SpaceLiner performs most of the flight in automatic mode, and the crew of two pilots is assigned a monitoring function mainly to ensure passengers' confidence in the safety of the flight.