British fishermen accidentally caught an underwater drone

The sea holds many secrets, as evidenced by numerous unusual finds. The members of the crew of the crab fishing vessel under the command of David Huss were able to verify this, who discovered on November 5 in the area of ​​the Chesapeake bridge that in Maryland ... an underwater military drone.

David Hass's wife, Laurie, commented on the situation:

“He told me it was very unexpected. An unknown object floating on the surface of the water was somewhat reminiscent of an inverted surfboard. "

Laurie went on to talk about how her husband brought home a 6-7 pound bright yellow "cigar" with ribs at the end. After a thorough examination, the crew members suspected that something was wrong and reported where to go.

The strange find turned out to be an autonomous underwater vehicle belonging to the Northrop Grumman Corporation. After David called there and gave the product number, its representatives immediately arrived for the loss.

Independent experts have identified the device as Remus 100. The autonomous underwater robot was manufactured by the Norwegian defense giant Konsberg specifically for underwater patrols, mine detection and other dangerous objects.

It is still unknown how the secret underwater vehicle ended up at the Chesapeake Bridge, which is 42.5 km from the Naval Research Laboratory. However, Remus 100 is capable of moving at a speed of 2.4 km / h, which means that it can overcome such a distance in just 22 hours.