Rocket patrol ship "Dagestan"

The missile patrol ship, named "Dagestan" (according to NATO classification - a type of corvettes "Gepard") was laid down on the stocks of the A. M. Gorky shipyard (Zelenodolsk). The vessel became a further development of the model line of Russian warships of Project 11661K, the firstborn of which was the Tatarstan patrol ship of the same class - the flagship of the Caspian Flotilla. Today both vessels have been commissioned and are successfully serving.

In addition to these Russian combat ships of project 11661K, two missile corvettes Dinh Tien Hoang and Li Thai To were built and handed over to the customer (Socialist Republic of Vietnam) at the plant in 2007 ... 2010.

"Dagestan" was launched in April 2011. Initially, the project was supposed to be handed over in the fall of the same year, but the acceptance tests had to be postponed to 2012. An unpleasant situation happened to the "Dagestan" during the mooring tests at Novorossiysk. Due to a sudden storm, the ship was seriously damaged. However, the repair and restoration work carried out in a very short time brought it back to life.


Thanks to the reworking of the project, the Dagestan missile ship has some differences from its predecessor, Tatarstan. According to the tactical and technical characteristics (TTX), the vessel has a displacement of 1805 tons, its length is 102, and its width (at deck level) is 13.2 meters.

The two propellers are driven by a CODOG gas turbine with a capacity of 29 thousand horsepower, which allows the ship to reach speeds of up to 28 knots. In cruising modes, movement is provided by a medium-speed diesel engine with a capacity of 8 thousand horsepower. In economical mode, at a speed of 14 miles per hour, the cruising range of the patrol ship "Dagestan" reaches 3, 8 thousand miles. The corvette's officer crew is 15 people with a total crew of 120 people.

The hull architecture of the vessel meets modern requirements for stealth. During the construction of Dagestan, deck superstructures and a chimney were built using stealth technologies.


The complex of weapons of the Dagestan ship differs significantly from the flagship of the Caspian flotilla - Tatarstan. In the bow of the new patrol ship, eight launchers are installed on board, providing the launch of cruise missiles of the Kalibr-NK weapon complex. The range of a missile strike against ground and sea targets (depending on the type of missile) can reach 300 kilometers. It was with these missiles that in October this year a strike was successfully struck from the Caspian Sea zone on the positions of the Islamic State terrorists in the Syrian Republic.

The artillery systems of the patrol ship "Dagestan" include a bow mount with a caliber of 76 millimeters and two automatic, rapid-fire cannons with a caliber of 30 millimeters.

The anti-aircraft armament of the ship "Dagestan" is represented by the newest anti-aircraft missile and artillery complex "Broadsword", consisting of two multi-barreled guns, 30 mm caliber and short-range anti-aircraft missiles.

Additional weapons to repel attacks by pirates and terrorists include two machine guns with a caliber of 14, 5 millimeters.

The radio-technical armament of "Dagestan" consists of a specialized radar complex "Mineral-M" and a modified general detection radar station "Positive". To track underwater targets, the ship is equipped with the MGK-335 sonar system and the Sigma combat information and control system.