Cobalt startup unveils high-tech personal aircraft

The young San Francisco-based Cobalt company has developed the ultra-modern five-seater Cobalt Valkyrie-X aircraft. According to its CEO David Lowry, the main goal of the startup is to create the safest and easiest-to-fly aircraft in the best traditions of Apple and Tesla design.

Cobalt specializes in the design and construction of private jets. The Valkyrie-X is a canard design with a reduced front wing and a rear propeller. This arrangement practically excludes the possibility of an aircraft falling in the air. The car is designed for 5 passengers.

The Valkyrie control panel lacks the familiar dials, gauges and switches. Their role is played by three iPad-style screens that display all the information you need.

“10 years ago, ” says David Lowry, “I decided at all costs to break the stereotypes prevailing in aviation and create a world-class private jet, featuring not only unique technological solutions, safety, but also luxurious design.”

The Cobalt Valkyrie-X is powered by a 350 hp turboprop engine. with., located in the tail section, which allows him to develop the highest speed among machines of this class - up to 563 km / h. The cockpit is covered with one-piece glass, which provides an almost all-round visibility - 320 degrees. The interior is finished by hand with premium leather.

At the moment, the Valkyrie-X is no longer a prototype, but a real aircraft. One of its modifications has been fully certified and approved for use all over the world. Moreover, Cobalt has already started accepting pre-orders. The cost of the plane is $ 699, 000.