Crowdfunding record: Glowforge 3D laser printer raised $ 27 million

Another novelty in the high-tech world is the Glowforge 3D laser printer, which has managed to set a record for raising funds on Kickstarter. Within a month, the project raised $ 27.9 million, which is a solid reason for the start of mass production of unique devices.

Unlike a traditional 3D printer, which recreates an object by layering, Glowforge works in a slightly different direction. Using a laser, he cuts out an object of the desired shape from a piece of material, which is included in his program.

When creating it, algorithms of CNC machines were used, combined with high-precision control video cameras. The whole process is controlled by a computer via a wireless network with support for the device's desktop. It has two functions - cutting and engraving.

The range of materials used is very wide. Glowforge cuts objects from leather, chocolate, cardboard, cork, eraser, paper, acrylic. It can engrave glasses made of glass, marble, stone, ceramic tiles, anodized aluminum, titanium, and make rubber seals.

The dimensions of the printer are 965 x 527 x 210 mm, the working area is 300 x 500 mm. The base model costs $ 2, 000. The air-cooled model is already priced at $ 3, 000, while the pro version is $ 4, 000.