Composite engine to be manufactured for private rocket "Taimyr"

Lin Industrial is one of the few private companies producing Russian space technology, a startup born in the Skolkovo innovation city. According to the general director of the enterprise, Alexander Ilyin, the company's specialists are engaged in the implementation of an ambitious and very promising project to create an engine for the Taimyr rocket.

"Taimyrs" belong to the class of light rockets. The engine created for them will be made mainly of composite materials. In terms of a number of important parameters, they will significantly surpass their main "competitors" - heat-resistant steels. Such engines are significantly lighter in weight and have a simpler cooling system.

Rockets "Taimyr"

The entire cycle of work on the design and testing of engines "Lin Industrial" intends to fully carry out on its own. In the future, they will be installed at the 1st and 2nd stages of "Taimyr".

This is not the first development of the company. Its assets include a whole series of light and ultralight rockets - "Aldan", "Taimyr", "Adler", "Zeya", as well as a base project for the future Russian lunar mission.