FUCI concept redefines racing bikes

Watching major international cycling races such as the Tour de France, you will notice that all bicycles look about the same, without any special technical "bells and whistles". This is primarily due to the severe restrictions imposed by the International Cycling Federation (UCI) on the design of racing bicycles.

However, those who are not associated with professional cycling, but love to ride fast, not without reason believe that these restrictions impede the "cycling" technical progress. A perfect example of this is Robert Egger, who designed the unusual FUCI concept bike.

One of its most notable features is the large rear wheel with a diameter of 85 cm. Due to its impressive dimensions, it works like a flywheel that maintains speed. For greater efficiency of movement, an electric motor is provided in the design of the bicycle, which is located in the lower bracket. It is powered by a lithium battery.

For recharging, the battery can be removed or left in place, recharging it on the go from a solar panel. Additional intelligence FUCI gives the ability to install on it a smartphone integrated with on-board sensors. Using a smartphone, you can turn off the bike in the parking lot, plot future routes, monitor the traffic situation, tire pressure, and turn on the lights at dusk.

There are 2 more details that are prohibited by the UCI requirements, but are its absolute decoration - aerodynamic fairings and a windshield. Speaking about the purpose of creating FUCI, Robert Eggert was extremely frank:

I really wanted to design a bike specifically for those who prefer to ride fast.