"Teal" - Russian hovercraft drone

The United Instrument-Making Corporation (UIC) is preparing to demonstrate its novelty at the upcoming MAKS-2015 air show - the Teal reconnaissance and combat hovercraft.

The creator of the machine is the team of the Moscow Research Radio Engineering Institute. The main functions of "Chirk" are to explore the water and land surface, as well as the transportation of various goods. It only needs 100 meters to take off. In this case, we can talk about a site with soft, viscous soil, irregularities and even a swampy area.

Teal will be useful for the army as well. He is able to fly up to 2.5 km at an altitude of 6000 meters, having on board modern high-precision weapons. At the same time, the Chirka hull, made of lightweight composite materials, and low-noise piston engines will provide it with maximum stealth for air defense systems.

The new Russian drone can be operated both in unmanned and manned mode to deliver people to difficult-to-pass areas.