The Japanese has developed a personal transport that fits in a backpack

26-year-old Japanese engineer Kunyako Saito and his colleagues at Cocoa Motors have created a compact, laptop-sized transporter that resembles a regular skateboard. A small bag or backpack can serve as a garage for him.

The WalkCar is made of aluminum and, depending on the model, can weigh 2 or 3 kg. Its maximum speed is up to 10 km / h, the full charge range is designed for 12 km, the transported load is up to 120 kg. WalkCar starts moving at the moment when the “driver” stands on it, and stops in the “reverse order”, for which you need to jump off.

Control in the process of movement is carried out by transferring body weight in the right direction. According to Kuniako Saito, WalkCar is the fruit of his intense research into automotive electric motor control systems, which ultimately led to the emergence of a new vehicle.

Saito assured everyone that the WalkCar could be ordered on Kickstarter this fall for $ 800. Shipping is expected to begin in spring 2016.