Airbus patented the design of a hypersonic passenger aircraft

If the design-developers are successful, the aircraft of the future will be able to reach speeds of 4.5 times faster than the speed of sound (5500 km / h). Thanks to this, for example, a flight from London to New York will take only 1 hour.

The hypersonic Airbus will have wings shaped like a Gothic triangle to which hydrogen-fueled engines will be attached. Depending on the flight mode, they will be supplied with one of three types of hydrogen fuel.

The liner has a vertical take-off to an altitude of 30 km, followed by a transition to a horizontal flight mode at hypersonic speed. The developers of the new liner promise to minimize the sound effect at the moment the liner breaks the sound barrier.

The liner is designed for only 20 passengers and will belong to the VIP category for business trips over long distances and requiring the return of the passenger during the day. He will be able to reach, for example, Tokyo or Los Angeles in just 3 hours.

According to Airbus representatives, the development of a military option for high-speed transportation of soldiers to the area of ​​hostilities is not ruled out.