The new design of the Terrafugia TF-X flying car is presented

Terrafugia is the only flying car company in the world with a working Transition model. Contrary to expectations, the Transition has not yet gone on sale, although its serial release was planned for 2011.

The concept of the new TF-X was developed based on the accumulated experience. Its two electric motors with a total capacity of 315 hp. will tell the flying car a cruising speed of 322 km / h with a flight range of 805 km. The main difference from its predecessor is the variable tilt of the engines, which will allow vertical takeoff and landing. It will be enough to free a circle with a diameter of thirty meters from outsiders.

As conceived by the developers, TF-X should comply with the ideology of door-to-door passenger delivery. After flying part of the route and landing, the wings fold in and the TF-X moves like a normal car. It will take at least 12 years to develop a working second-generation flying car from Terrafugia.