Flying yacht concept from Russian designer

For very rich people, having a luxury yacht and an airplane is another opportunity to prove their high status. However, at the moment, these means of comfortable transportation, due to their peculiarities, are located at a distance from each other. Russian designer Vasily Klyukin undertook to combine them into a single transport complex.

He named the project of the yacht of the future that he developed Monaco-2050, thus setting aside about 35 years for its implementation. In addition to the graceful futuristic forms of the ship, its upper deck is also a vertically taking off aircraft. After climbing 1000 - 2000 meters with the help of helicopter propellers, it goes into horizontal flight already on jet engines.

According to Vasily Klyukin, modern unmanned technologies and achievements in the field of helicopter construction make it possible to create such a yacht already today, but apparently, realistically assessing his capabilities, the Russian designer is ready to wait 35 years.