Uralvagonzavod has developed a SPM fire engine for extinguishing ammunition depots

Fires in military warehouses where ammunition is stored pose a particular danger and are especially difficult to deal with. Typically, firefighters have to wait several days for the ammunition explosions to stop. SPM - a dedicated fire engine fills this serious gap.

SPM can rightfully be called a fire tank. And it is not surprising, since it was developed by the designers of Uralvagonzavod, the main manufacturer of Russian tanks. During its creation, units and assemblies of the famous T-72 and T-80 were used.

The SPM crew can detect fire centers in three ways - visually through special bullet-proof heat-resistant glasses, using 4 all-round video cameras and two thermal imagers.

Fire retardant paint "Terma" protects the body from overheating for two hours, due to its unique property - to increase when heated in volume dozens of times with the formation of non-combustible foam with low thermal conductivity.

The crew of three is equipped with protective clothing that protects against many damaging factors. In the event of a rupture of ammunition, the SPM is reliably protected by armored anti-fragmentation screens that can withstand the explosion of a 152-mm projectile.

In addition, SPM, thanks to engineering equipment, can clear debris and create mineralized strips. In an extreme situation, when the crew cannot be inside the car, remote control is provided.

The fire tank weighs about 60 tons and is provided with a supply of extinguishing liquids in the amount of 25 cubic meters, which, using a powerful centrifugal pump, can be thrown into the fire from a distance of 100 meters.